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I am starting WilsonHaus Coffee in an unconventional way, and that is to ask 5,000 people to become HAUS MEMBERS

I am asking 5,000 people to pledge 50 dollars into WilsonHaus Coffee.


I have seen the power time and time again of what can happen when many people come together for a common cause. It is powerful.

Usually, I am asking people to come together and donate for an already established rescue or a critical case a rescue has.

This time, I am asking this community to help me get this off the ground.


What does this entail?

I have thought about all of the ways to try go get WilsonHaus Coffee started. I know I need inventory, space, and employees - which will require a substantial amount of funding. Rather than go into debt with loan institutions, credit cards, or lenders, I thought I can ask you all. This powerful, incredible community.

I am asking 5,000 people to pledge 50 dollars into WilsonHaus Coffee. Think of the 50 dollars as a pledge/donation/contribution to help us get the business started, build inventory, and cover start up costs.

Instead of using a platform like Kickstarter, I am just going to use social media and this website.

We are in PHASE 1 right now - which is securing as many HAUS MEMBERS as possible so that we can launch WilsonHaus Coffee.


Q: I signed up to be an Angel Investor, how is that different?

A.It isn't! We are now calling Angel Investors HAUS MEMBERS. Same idea, different verbiage.

Q: What happens when I pledge 50 dollars via the COFFEE HAUS membership?

A: It is a one time pledge and you become a HAUS MEMBER. You would be helping a small business get started - a business with a much bigger vision and mission than coffee. You are helping build a dream and would be one of the first people to go on this journey with me. Imagine in five years from now, when it is time to start looking at rescue properties (hopefully!) and you can say "I helped build this!"

As soon as we get 5,000 members to say "yes," is when the magic will happen"

  • You will get your choice of coffee (see the collection)
  • A lifetime discount of 15% off
  • 5 people of the original 5,000 members will be randomly drawn to win 1,000 dollars as a thank you for participating in becoming a member


Q: Can I pledge more than 50 dollars?

A: Yes. For every 50 dollars you pledge, you will get a bag of coffee and a chance to win 1,000 dollars. For example, if you pledge 150 dollars, you will be sent 3 bags of coffee and have three entries to win the 1,000 dollars cash back giveaway.


Q: When will my coffee ship out?

A: This is a great question, and because this business is going to rely on crowdfunding and the success of it - this is TBD. I am going to work very hard from July onward to secure the pledges. 

We are in PHASE 1 - which is the phase of securing pledges. The pledges are what will allow us to buy the coffee, bags, labels, boxes, etc in bulk.

My guarantee is that if I do not secure 5,000 pledges within 5 months, I will start the business with where I am at in 5 months. My guarantee is that your pledge coffee will ship out no later than January  2024.

What I can promise you is this- I will be giving this my ALL to make this happen in a timely manner.


Q: What is my pledge used for?

A. The 50 dollar pledge will be used to purchase coffee bags, labels, coffee in bulk, pay salaries to employees, as well as set up an account so that I can continue to have inventory in stock for orders. All of the expenses it takes to start a new business add up quickly, and I learned this from my other business of WilsonHaus Candles. I am taking lessons learned from that endeavor and applying them to this new business. The foundation of this business succeeding will be a solid financial runway. The profit from the coffee company is going to finance our very own rescue and sanctuary. Getting this business off to a solid start is critical in everything we do moving forward.


Q: What if you can't get 5,000 pledges?

A. I am giving myself 5 months to secure the initial pledges. If at 5 months, a full 5,000 members/pledges have not been secured, I will at that point begin to fulfill orders that have come in thus far. I will continue to keep the option for people to join the membership, but at that period will also offer the option for those who have already Angel Invested/joined the HAUS to order coffee on an as needed basis or through our subscription program we will launch.


Q: How much will coffee be once you launch?

A: The coffee will range between approximately 13.99 - 17.99 per 12 oz bag depending on that particular roast. WilsonHaus' vision is to offer organic beans and as many fair trade roasts as possible, which of course sets the bar high for quality.  As an HAUS MEMBER you will receive 15% off these prices for life.


Q: What happens if you get MORE than 5,000 pledges?

A. The more pledges I am able to secure, the better position this business will be in. I will welcome the idea of more than 5,000 people wanting to help see this business succeed and thrive and blossom into it's full potential. I would just ask if that were to happen for some grace as I navigate a new business and a large order volume to fill the first month.

For every 1,000 people we secure OVER the initial 5,000 angel investors, I will also do another give away of 1,000 dollars. For example, if 7,000 people sign up, I will do a giveaway for seven people to win 1,000 dollars.


Q: Once you launch the business, how will we order coffee?

A. Once the 5,000 members have been secured, we will transition to a traditional business model of ordering. We will open the site to the public once all 5,000 members have their first coffee en route. You will be able to order coffee from the site like most business offer as well as there will be a coffee subscription program where you can choose to have your coffee sent to you on a schedule.


Q: I am not a U.S. resident, can I order?

A. At this time, the WilsonHaus membership is offered to U.S. residents only due to shipping costs. If you would still like to support this build, however, you can do a donation through the DONATE tab in the menu. Please note, that because we are not able to ship international at this time, if you donate, there are no associated perks, other than of course helping us get up and running!





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