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WilsonHaus Coffee supports the funding of our rescue in the NOW, while also ensuring we can expand in the future with our Grounds for Grounds campaign.

WilsonHaus Coffee focuses on four pillars with our approach to rescue

  • We believe that prevention is just as important and impactful as reactive rescue. This is why 10% of the profit is designated to assist like minded rescues and organizations with prevention and community outreach programming. Our first goal in 2024 for prevention efforts is to help a dog rescue called This is Houston sponsor at least one of their spay and neuter community events, which they host once a quarter. These events typically cost between 10,000-11,000 dollars


  • We believe in working with like minded rescues and organizations to help lessen the suffering of animals as a whole. We will be looking for ways to help support programs like Project Street Vet and Pawsitive Change - two impactful and revolutionary movements


  • We believe that there is profound power in education efforts. The more the public is aware of the issues at hand, the more people we can invite into the community to be a part of the solution. We plan on using social media as well as eventually entertaining public speaking engagements to continue to generate change via awareness


  • Our fundamental pillar in all of this is rescue and animal welfare. Our goal is to generate enough sustainable funding with WilsonHaus Coffee to begin supporting our non-profit WilsonHaus Rescue and Sanctuary by July 2024. We will start small and intentionally with our dog rescue and as we expand our knowledge, experience and finances, will grow our rescue. After we set aside 10% of the profit for preventative efforts via spay and neuter events and community outreach, the remaining profit is divided in two ways:
  1.  The first is using the profit for rescue efforts in the now - meaning primarily focusing on savings dogs from euthanasia in overcrowded shelters. Our hope and goal post is by July of 2024 to tag and save our first dog, and then proceeding to grow as the year progresses. This will begin as a foster based rescue program.
  2. A portion of the profit will be set aside from every bag for the Grounds for Grounds campaign, in which we will be funding our own foster and rescue facility. This is a long term goal, one that we will be able to assess quarterly with where we are at in terms of timeline and also provide public reports on progress.

    I plan to update this presentation at least every six months with updates, if not quarterly. This is a 25 minute review of WilsonHaus Coffee and how we plan to roll out our first year in 2024.



    A piece of the mission of WilsonHaus Coffee is to generate funding for property and land to open WilsonHaus Rescue & Sanctuary, focusing on our equine companions and dogs who need a second chance. There is no shortage of animals who have found themselves in a precarious position, but there is certainly a shortage of safe havens. The last several years of raising funding for animal rescues, I have also learned more about the common barriers to rescue.

    WilsonHaus Rescue and Sanctuary will primarily focus on horses, donkeys and mules as well as our canine companions who need a safe place to land. Whether that is while we search for the perfect forever home in an adoption or providing sanctuary where they can live the rest of their days at WilsonHaus, free of the problems that addled their lives prior to intervention.

    To bring my vision to fruition, it will take funding. And a lot of it. After looking at all of the different ways I could approach this, I decided the best and most sustainable way is through a business. Which is how WilsonHaus Coffee - Coffee to the Rescue was born.

    WilsonHaus Coffee profits will help build this dream. It will help build a solid foundation for our someday property as well as, over time, build a steady stream of revenue to support the rescue, staff, animal residents and expansion, all while also helping rescues who are already established by networking and giving back to them as well.





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