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The idea is that the profit from WilsonHaus Coffee will be placed in a high yield savings account for the next five to seven years (depending on how quickly or slowly this business grows)

Once there is an adequate amount of funding in the account we will begin to scout the United States for a property and land that fits our vision.




Q: Why do you estimate five to seven  years?

A: Based on the growth projections and what I believe is possible for the company, that is how long I estimate it will take to generate the funding needed. If we happen to be able to do this sooner (which would be outstanding) then of course, we will do so happily. I also recognize it may take longer than my estimations, and that is okay too. We will just keep pushing and growing as we are able to.

Q: What is your vision?

A: My vision is to provide a safe haven for as many animals as we can responsibly care for. When we first open our doors, I plan to do so intentionally and diligently so as not to overwhelm myself, volunteers, or the hired staff. (For example - opening doors and going from 2 horses to 40 would be way too much, too fast)

The plan is to expand as we have the funding and the support staff to be able to do rescue WELL.  As more trusted team members are hired, trained and retained - we will continue to care for more animals. Trusted support staff is more than the people that will help with day to day operations. It also includes skilled veterinarians, farriers, and trainers.


I want to build out several "dog pods" which would consist of a foster home setting on site where 4-7 dogs per household would reside. These will be custom built/outfitted to feel like a home but also give each dog their own suite and space to retreat to when needed (think doggy bedrooms.) It will give a staff member of each pod the chance to evaluate, train and work with them on an individual basis. My dream is to have at least 3 pods, where dogs would be assigned based on their size. There would be a small dog pod, a medium dog pod and a large dog pod as well as large yards and enrichment sites such as obstacle courses and a pool to engage them, keep them mentally and physically stimulated and happy.

My idea is that it is another safe foster home for dogs to exist while we search for their perfect forever home. It is different than boarding and kenneling - as the dogs will feel as if they are in a home and have the attention, mental, and physical stimulation to ensure they are getting all their needs met. It will be a house setting where staff and dogs will both feel at home.


I want to be able to have an area of the sanctuary designated to draft horses - many of whom have provided hard labor their entire lives to farmsteads. These horses need a place to peacefully exist as a horse, to finally be free of their earthly "duties" forced upon them. Draft horses require extra everything. Extra food, extra supplements, extra space, extra large equipment. This will be an expensive undertaking in and of itself, but I believe that this coffee company will allow us to be able to provide what they need.

I also will have space for horses who are owner surrenders. I want to be able to prevent these animals from ending up in the precarious situations many of them end up in (such as the slaughter pipeline)

I have a big vision. Huge. Some may even say impossible. But I know with this community, it WILL be possible. With this business it WILL be possible. But, I also know it WILL take time. And I am willing to play the long game to provide a top tier rescue. In the meantime, we will always continue to support already established rescues by fundraising and with WilsonHaus  Candles. We are supporting rescue efforts NOW and in the FUTURE with all of our endeavors. Each one is intentional and carefully constructed.


I believe in paying people well.  You get what you pay for with employees and I genuinely believe in treating the PEOPLE of rescue well too. I want to make sure staff feel like second family, that they feel integrated into the mission, valued and heard.  I look forward to finding people as passionate about rescue as I am and being able to help them support their own livelihoods and dreams in the process.

Once our own rescue land and property is paid off, I would also love to help other rescues get their own organizations secure and set up for the long game. I very much believe we are better together and plan to, in the future, invest in other rescues.

Q: What about other animals?

A: I am not opposed to eventually expanding our rescue specialty to include more animals.

Q: Is this a non-profit?

A: No, WilsonHaus Coffee is technically a "for profit" business model. The coffee company is what will allow us to purchase the property, pay salaries, and support the rescue's operational costs. We also have WilsonHaus Rescue and Sanctuary Inc (pending approval to become a non-profit 501(c)(3) animal rescue - of which those funds will be used to care for the animals and their needs) The business will carry the weight of the operation and the non-profit fundraising we do will support the actual care of the animals. All of the profit from the coffee company will be used to support rescue efforts and the staff.

Q: How much do you need?

A: That is a great question and the properties that I look at need to have at least 100 acres, appropriate zoning and infrastructure to be able to build our best version of a rescue facility. We don't want to just rescue - we want to rescue WELL - and that means providing the best we are able to offer to both our animal residents and the staff that will assist caring for them. The properties I have scouted so start at 700,000 dollars. Rescuing and providing sanctuary for large animals is no small feat. I recognize this and am coming at this from a realistic and practical standpoint. I will not be pursuing land and the purchase of the land and property until I have unshakeable faith we can provide a FOREVER home for the animals. This means that I would like to have a majority of the funding to pay for the land upfront. One of the worst things imaginable would be purchasing a property and eventually housing 50 + animals only to "go under."

This 100% has to be a secure purchase - because their lives depend on stability, and I fully intend in providing it.

I also have to consider that this business will be supporting other people's livelihoods and I do not take that lightly. I plan on having a strong financial foundation so that every employee for both WilsonHaus Coffee and the rescue itself is set up for success.

Q: How much of the profit will be used for supporting the rescue?

A: 100% of the profit after all expenses are paid from each bag. The profit will be placed in a high yield savings account for the purpose to fulfill our dream and vision. Once we have secured enough financial backing, we will begin to search for our perfect property.

Q: Once you have the land paid off, then what will the funding be used for?

A: The funding from the coffee company will also help pay the support staff, so that will always be a fixed expense of the rescue operation. We will also always have fixed expenses like taxes and maintenance of the property and land.  In the event we pay off our first land and property in it's entirety, and begin to have a surplus. we would look at either expansion of our own rescue AND helping other rescue organizations.

Q: What do you do for animals in need NOW while you are building this for the future?

A: I volunteer a great deal of my free time and platform to fundraise for already established animal rescues and their causes. This ranges from getting their own adoption centers built out to critical medical cases they have. My candle company also donates 30% of the profit back to animal rescues. As WilsonHaus Coffee grows, my hope is that we can shift gears to do more for other rescues in tandem with growing our own. I believe in community and that we are better together.

From December 2022 to the day I am writing this (July 23, 2023) we have fundraised over $140,000 for other rescues (not including any donations from our candle business) This has strictly been from the fundraising efforts of WilsonHaus.

If you include the donations from the candle business, It would be over 220,000 dollars raised to support already established rescues, and counting.


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